. Mattress pocket springs for a firm rest:

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More and more materials are used in the rest industry. Latest technology foams, completely natural latex, gel particles, pocket springs. All this is aimed at improving our rest and providing us with restful nights of sleep. Choose a mattress spring bagged in always a good choice. But do you know what they are? Do you know its advantages and properties?

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Today we tell you what you need to know about your new mattress bag springs.

All about your mattress springs bagged:

The first spring mattresses began to be manufactured in the mid-nineteenth century. Soon those first springs derived in the biconical or continuous springs.

With them, you get very firm mattresses in which there is no bed independence. When all are together, if one of the sleepers is much heavier than the other, it draws it towards the most sunken part of the mattress. This can be very annoying if one of the components of the couple moves a lot during sleep. In addition, they are usually quite noisy.

It was in the year 1900 when James Marshall patented the mattress of pocket springs in the United States. They were made entirely by hand, until in 1925 the first machine was created to manufacture springs bagged in series, thus achieving greater and more economic productions. Today, some prestigious brands continue to make these mattresses in an artisanal way.

In a mattress spring bagged each spring is independent and is tucked into a bag or individual bag. Thanks to this special structure, each spring acts independently. This results in total bed independence.

There are people who think that no material that is used for mattresses can overcome a good mattress of pocket springs. Although that, of course, depends on various factors such as individual needs and preferences.

The quality of the mattress springs bagged:

The quality of a spring mattress bagged or bagged is determined by various aspects. We must know that a good mattress of pocket springs will provide a firm, adaptable rest, with a high level of breathability, without noise and excellent independence of beds. They are durable and very comfortable. But to achieve these benefits it is essential to ensure that we have a quality product. Otherwise, they could sink with time, break the sacks that wrap each dock.